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Atlanta San Francisco

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Dec-20-2022 Dec-27-2022

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San Francisco

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Cheap Flights to San Francisco

San Francisco is one of the most beautiful places in the United States. Everyone in the world wants to get their feet on the land of this city. A huge fusion of man-made landscapes and natural diversities, San Francisco is everyone's dream destination. With so much to explore and observe, it is the only destination in the world that has almost everything that you would wish for, to have a wonderful vacation with your loved ones. The home of oceans, with magnificent hills and the noteworthy golden gate bridge, San Francisco is certainly an eye-soothing place of the United States. It is often known as the jewel of Northern California and several reasons do account for this fact.

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Plane Tickets to San Francisco

San Francisco is all set to offer you fun holidays along with the Ocean, iconic Golden Gate Bridge, parks and museums. There is so much to explore and so much entertainment that you will never be bored or feel like you have nothing to do. Grab your bags and visit the land of entertainment. From the places to stay in San Francisco to top tourist attraction, San Francisco has so exciting places for you.

Places to Visit in San Francisco

Book your cheap flights to San Francisco and get the chance to visit these amazing and iconic landmarks at much cheaper prices, so that you can enjoy and save on your trip altogether.

  1. The Golden Gate Bridge

It is the most iconic bridge in San Francisco. It is one of the most beautiful, photogenic places in the city. Located at the San Francisco Bay, is one of the biggest tourist attractions; the orange-colored bridge, blue sea and changing the color of the sky makes it so beautiful that you will want to capture it in every possible frame.

Whether you talk about the nightlife or the low lying clouds, everything suits really nice with the blue waters and the orange tint of this place. This bridge is a direct connection of San Francisco with the other districts and marine countries.

It was also referred to as the longest suspension bridge ever made in the world. It is estimated to be two miles in terms of length. This place is extremely attractive for a calm ride and you can enjoy its cold breeze on a bike or a car.

The bridge is open for cyclists and pedestrians as well. The bridge starts from the Presidio Shuttle and ends at a town known as Sausalito just in front of the water.

To have this once-in-a-lifetime experience, you can easily make the plane tickets to San Francisco with HolaFare at comparatively low prices.

  1. Fisherman's Wharf

It is one of the oldest and most famous tourist attractions in San Francisco. It is known for its Shops, restaurants by the water-front. You can take a cruise to have a spectacular sight-seeing and explore the beauty of the city. You will find some of the very famous spots here like Madame Tussauds, Musee Mecanique, Ripley's Believe It or Not and many more fun things to do.

  1. Cable Cars

Another fun thing to do in San Francisco is to ride and roam around on a Cable Car. It was first launched in 1873 with the objective to make it easy for people to travel around. Centuries have passed and these trains are still one of the most convenient ways of transport. These cars will take you to the most iconic tourist attractions in San Francisco.

  1. Golden Gate Park

One of the most greener and beautiful parks in the city of San Francisco. Locals call it Lungs of the city. If you wish to spend a day in the meadow of beautiful flowers, trees and plants then you must visit here. There are dozens of species of flowers and plants, peaceful lakes, buffalo paddocks, pretty butterflies and more. Some of the major attractions involve de Young Museum, the California Academy of Sciences (Museum), Japanese Tea Garden and San Francisco Botanical Garden.

This place will surely make your trip more interesting, so book your plane tickets to San Francisco now and have the most awaited trip with your loved ones.

  1. Chinatown

If you are out for San Francisco sightseeing, you definitely want to stop by one of the most iconic Chinese market 'Chinatown'. You might have visited a number of Chinatowns in various cities, but here in San Francisco, it is completely different. It is one of the oldest and better versions of Chinatown in the world. Designed completely as per the Chinese style of architecture, it gives the exact feel as you are walking through China Market. It has unique China styled temples, workshops, Stores, Souvenir Shops, Tea-houses, etc. making it the most eye-catching traditional market. They also organize various events during Chinese New Year and other festivals which are so beautiful that you wouldn't want to miss it.

Whether you are shopping spree or not, still this place worth a visit. So if you are making plans to visit San Francisco, do not forget to add the place in your places to visit in San Francisco list. For cheap flights to San Francisco, check out the airlines on HolaFares and book plane tickets at the lowest price.

  1. Palace of Fine Arts

The last and only structure from Panama Pacific Explosion in 1915, this beautiful building is standing right in the center of the lagoon and the reflection in the water is so mesmerizing. Surrounded by greenery and ducks, this palace is like a small heaven on the earth. This palace has now converted into a theater and it hosts many exhibitions and performances.

So when you book your plane tickets to San Francisco, make sure to mark down this place to visit under your San Francisco sightseeing list.

  1. Twin Peaks

These unique hills are best for hiking trips and viewing the city and bay from a different height and angle. These are the only hills in San Francisco that have left as it is and no alterations or modifications have been made so far. You will love the cool breeze and mesmerizing view even on the warm days of the year.

  1. Asian Art Museum

Then there is this Asian Art Museum, which has the unique articulates from great collectors Avery Brundage. Apart from that, the museum has numerous other very unique, beautiful and ancient sculptures. It is indeed one of the best things to do when you visit San Francisco. So do not wait any longer, grab your plane tickets and let the fun begin.

All this fun can be yours at a very low price, with HolaFares you can explore among various flights to San Francisco and make the most appropriate airline reservation for yourself. You can also contact the assistants on the given number, who will help you get the highest discounts on the right flight tickets to San Francisco.

  1. Golden Gate National Recreation Area

Not to be mistaken with Golden Gate Park, Golden Gate National Recreation Area is a Biosphere Reserve and other natural attractions. You can relax in the lap of nature and have a peaceful day.

There is more to the beauty of San Francisco than these few mentioned places, you must visit the place to feel it. Plan your budget trip with HolaFares and get discounted airline tickets here. We help you to enjoy the most and still get to save some money. With us, your costlier trip can be really cheap and luxurious. There are so many beautiful luxurious hotels and places that you might have to skip to be on a budget but with HolaFares you can easily have your hands on Cheap flights to San Francisco and make easy reservation.

Domestic and International Airports in San Francisco: Flights to San Francisco

  1. San Francisco International Airport: (SFO)

It is one of the most beautiful International Airports in San Francisco; surrounded by water and a mesmerizing runway. The location of this airport will let you have a gigantic and beautiful view of the city from atop. Situated at South San Francisco, it is just 30min ride away from San Francisco downtown. So, basically the San Francisco sightseeing starts right before you even land in the city. Book your flights to San Francisco at this airport to witness the beauty.

  1. Oakland International Airport (OAK)

Located in Southern Oakland this airport is perfect if you are traveling with budget airlines. This airline is 25 miles afar from San Francisco downtown. So if you wish to travel with flights to San Francisco under your budget then this airport will let you reach the destination very comfortably and economically.

  1. San Jose International Airports (SJC)

If you are traveling to the South of San Francisco or to Silicon Valley, then this airport is the most favorable for you. Situated in Northwest San Jose it is perfect for passengers who are flying to or from Asia, Europe, Canada, and Mexico as well.

  1. Charles M Schulz Sonoma County Airport (STS)

It is one of the small regional airports in Santa Rosa, it is ideal if you are traveling to Santa Rosa or nearby places, but if you are traveling to San Francisco then it would not be an ideal airport to land on.

These are all the Airports that serve the city, make sure to choose the airport based on your place and destination. Make your flights to San Francisco, according to the airport closer to the place you are visiting, otherwise, you will end up paying a huge amount to the private cab drivers.

Best Time to Book Flights to San Francisco � Peak Time to Visit San Francisco

If you are wondering that at what time you need to book your flight tickets to San Francisco to get the lowest fares on reservations or which will be the most favorable weather to plan a trip to San Francisco. Here are some suggestions for the right time to book cheap flight tickets to San Francisco

December to February

During these months the temperature is too low and chilly winds will push you back into the hotel rooms. If you have a great tolerance for winter, then you can visit the city during these months as the hotel rates are pretty low and you will definitely get great deals on your flight bookings to San Francisco.

March to May

The temperature in these months the tourist rush will increase and the rates will also gradually increase. There are also so many events taking place during this time in the city like St. Patrick's Day event, International Film Festival, International Beer Festival, Carnaval and Bay to Breaker which is one of the greatest tourist attractions.

Months June, July, and August

In these months the tourism increases to its peak. The tourists from all over the world come to the city to enjoy pleasant summers. Events like Beach Festivals, San Francisco Pride, Fillmore Street Jazz Festival, Marathons and Music fests have been organized during these months making the city more alive and entertaining.


In the fall season, the temperature here is more pleasant than the summer, the warm sun will make you rush towards the beach but also the cold breeze from the beach will help you have a very calming feeling of winter as well. Therefore you can expect a lot of tourists rushing to the beach during these times. Some of the main and most loving festivals during these months are the Chocolate Festival, the San Francisco Fringe Festival, Castro Street Fair, and more. You can always check with the Airline Reservation phone number, where you will get to speak with the assistants who will help you choose the right flight and right time to make a perfect trip to San Francisco.

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