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About Miami

Miami is situated in South Florida and it is the cultural, economic and financial center. When it comes to the area Miami is 150 kilometers and it is the seventh-largest city in America. In terms of population, this city is the sixth dense city of the United States. One more interesting feature of the city is that the city has the tallest skyline in the United States. Miami is the major hub of tourism for international visitors as well as the people from nearby and it stands at the second position after New York in terms of most visiting places. If you are planning to visit this place, then book cheap flights to Miami at Holafares, it is a platform that provides cheap airfare to Miami whether the passenger wants the tickets for one way or a round trip.

Top tourist attractions of Miami are as follows:-

  • Miami beach
Miami is an area that has long stretches of sandy and soft beaches. Miami Beach is located at the natural and manmade barrier islands. The beach is connected by the number of bridges to the mainland of Miami. For the visitors coming to the city, the south beach and the art deco historic district are the main attractions that have the largest collections of architecture in the world. This historic district comprises a number of wonderful hotels and apartments for the visitors. This architecture is preserved under the movement which was led by a former interior designer. There are pool hotels on the beach that are considered as the richest commercial area of the city.

  • Art Deco Historic District
Are you not interested in the beach and want another option to visit at the same place? Then no need to worry about that. You will be provided with one more option that will make your trip to the beach a worthy one. The option that we are talking about is the Art Deco Historic District. Here there are some uniquely designed buildings with different colors. These buildings have two main streets known as ocean drive and collin avenue. These streets have a number of hotels and restaurants to visit that have much more facilities than modern hotels. It is a beautiful area that the visitors must visit if making a plan to go to Miami and don't forget to book cheap flights to Miami with us.
  • South Beach
South beach is located at the southern end of Miami beach. This beach is a stretch of the sand. South Beach draws a large number of visitors in the summer season when people from all around the globe come here for partying and to have a good time. It is a place where the visitors can escape from the heat by swimming and by doing other recreational activities. The visitors can also enjoy the shallow water and the view of the waterfront is really amazing. Vizcaya 

  • Museum And Gardens

This museum is the national historic landmark of the city that was built in 1916. The building features around 35 rooms that are arranged around a central courtyard. It took almost 1100 workers to complete the construction of the building. This building looks impressive and it has a collection of European furniture and decorative arts. Also, the building comprises grounds and gardens with beautiful flowers, fountains, pools, and sculptures. People including children can enjoy it here a lot. One must visit this place if interested to explore the history of the city and also interested in recreational and water sports.

  • Everglades National Park

The Everglades park is located at a shorter distance from Miami beach. This place is considered as one of the best places to visit if you are interested in natural beauty. There is a river flowing from the park out to the ocean that gives an amazing scenic view to the park. This park is the most enjoyable tourist attraction that has walking trails and boardwalks for wildlife. The visitors can trip to marshes and streams. Along doing the water sports the visitors can enjoy the wildlife. The famous walking trail in the park is the anhinga trail that leaves from the royal palm visitor center. Book cheap plane tickets to Miami with Holafares to visit this amazing park.

  • Bayside marketplace

The bayside market of Miami houses a number of shopping malls, amazing restaurants, and cafes. There are a lot of options for visitors to purchase a lot of things here. They can buy paintings, sculptures and souvenirs and some other small statues related to the history and culture of Miami. Visitors can also purchase traditional clothes and jewelry in the city. Also, some showcase pieces and keyrings are the other best options. Local people, as well as people from all around the globe, enjoy shopping here.

  • Zoo Miami

Zoo Miami is home for different wild animals as well as for endangered species. They are taken care of by the guards and there is a treatment center in the zoo for these animals. Apart from wild animals, there are different categories of plants and trees that are inhabited here. There are some areas to do recreational activities. The location of the zoo is quite perfect in the subtropical climate and houses more than 1000 species of plants and trees. There are so many options for enjoyment if you are with your children. You can do watersports as well. Don't miss the chance to enjoy the zoo with your little champs. Book cheap flights to Miami on Holafares if you want your trip worthy and cheap.

Best airports in Miami to fly from different destinations�

There are a number of airports in Miami that help the passengers from the globe to land to this destination. With the help of these airports, the passengers can easily travel to the places where they have planned to visit. Some of the famous airports in Miami are as follows:

  • Miami International Airport
Miami International Airport is the popular airport in Miami for the passengers who are traveling outside the country. This airport serves almost 1000 flights a day that includes both the domestic flights as well as international flights. This airport is used for both the passenger carrier as well as for cargo carriers. The airport plays an important role in the economic growth of the country as it owes a large number of tourists to the country.

If we talk about air traffic, this airport is the 13th busiest airport in the country. You may land at this airport if you will book cheap tickets to Miami. It is one of the largest airports that covers almost 3300 acres of land. Book Miami plane tickets and visit different tourist attractions of the city. 

  • Fort Lauderdale - Hollywood International Airport
The Hollywood International Airport is the major airport in Florida that serves the metropolitan area of Miami. This airport mostly serves international passengers from the globe who are visiting the country for a vacation. The airport serves 700 flights a day in which about 135 flights are domestic and others are international only. This airport has the best connectivity to every corner of the city. In numbers, it is the 18th busiest airport in the USA and it is the main for Spirit Airlines.
  • North Perry Airport Of Broward County
North Perry Airport is also the public airport that serves millions of passengers in a year. The airport is owned by the aviation department of Broward county. North Perry Airport airport has four runways and it covers almost 536 acres of land. These runways are as follows: Runway 10L/28RRunway 10R/28LRunway 19L/1RRunway 19R/1LThis airport also has better convenience and connectivity for passengers who want to explore the city during vacations. The passengers can use the airport taxi, normal taxi, airport buses and also metro trains to reach every corner of the city. 

The mentioned airports are the popular airports in Miami to which the passengers can land if they want to explore the city. Fly to the city by booking your plane tickets on Holafares. Get best deals with the platform and ask about the latest offers from the executives by calling on the helpline number given on the top of the website.

Top rated restaurants and bars in Miami

Are you visiting Miami and want to taste different meals and want to explore the best restaurants in the city? Then you have a lot of options to do this, there are so many restaurants and bars in Miami where you can have luxury dining. The visitors, as well as local people, can have food and drinks over here. You can also taste traditional as well as international food in these restaurants. Some of the popular restaurants and the bars of Miami are as follows:

  • Drunken Dragon
As the name suggests, it is a bar that is famous for drinks. It is the bar that doesn't disappoint the customers and offers different varieties of food and drinks. The interior of the bar is really amazing and this place is one of the few places in the town where the customers can have Korean food items. Also, the bar offers vegetarian and non-vegetarian food at reasonable prices.
  • Beaker And Gray
The Beaker And Gray are also one of the popular restaurants in Miami that are visited by a number of customers which can be local people as well as people from other countries. This is an amazing and impressive restaurant that offers delicious meals and classy drinks. Also, the restaurant has excellent interior along with the iPhone charging stations for the customs to provide better services than others. One must get into this restaurant if visiting the beautiful city of Miami.
  • Matador room
If visiting Miami and want to have some different experience of a bar then just get into the Matador room. It is a restaurant with a massive bar and a large number of Spanish Matador paintings. The restaurant serves the drink in a unique way that is liked by all the customers. They serve the drinks in gold plated pineapples and it really gives an amazing feel to the customers. This service of the restaurant is quite appreciable.
Visitors can have the vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian food over there. It is a highly recommended place to visit if making a plan to visit Miami. You must book cheap flights to Miami with us because you can avail of many discounts on flight tickets.

Which is the best time to visit Miami?

Miami is a beautiful place that has a large number of tourist attractions which are visited by the number of visitors every year and in every season. Frankly speaking, the time between the months of March to May is the best time to visit Miami. In these three months there is pleasant weather in the city that is between 21 degrees to 26 degrees. The city has warm weather throughout the year and due to this reason, the beaches are always crowded in the city. Also there are so many hotels available for the visitors. The city has some fair share of weather and it experiences rains in the months of June to November. So if you want to visit this city then you are recommended to visit the place in the months of March to May.

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Holafares is a platform that offers golden opportunities to the passenger by providing them discount deals in their ticket booking. The offers that are provided are available for one-way trips as well as for a round trip to Miami and other famous destinations. Passengers can just sign up with the Holafares and can easily book their cheap flights to Miami by filling personal details, type of trip(i.e one way or round trip), the arrival and destination details along with the traveling dates. This platform provides a user-friendly interface with easy navigation. 

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