British Airways

Upgradations in lounges and global concierge team of British Airways

British Airways is the largest Airline that travels a large number of destinations all over the globe. This airline recently celebrated its centenary year and made upgradations to its lounge complexes as an amazing gift to their customers. Travelers with British airway booking can now enjoy more amenities of the Heathrow lounges. These lounges offer a comfortable and quieter environment for the passengers. As we all know that British Airways also provide better customer service so that the journey of the customer will be made comfortable. 

There are so many accommodations that inculcate the facilities of private meeting rooms and wireless internet access. Despite these facilities, the lounge facilities also include free food and drinks, magazines and showers.   

The interior of the lounges of Heathrow Airport features wooden slatted walls, comfortable chairs, antique statues, and marble tables. Passengers can comfortably relax over there if their flight is delayed or there is a time before the departure of the flight. These lounges are upgraded to enhance the comforts of the passengers.

The first-class lounge of Heathrow terminal 5 lounge has also been upgraded by British airways. This lounge is an extremely calm and luxurious place that can also be reserved in advance. This lounge features an amazing bar and a restaurant area to enjoy food beverages in the lounge.

The passengers traveling in the Business class can enjoy Travel spa and some other complementary treatments. These treatments can be booked when the passenger arrives at the airport. But the first-class passenger who has made the British airways online booking has to plan it 28 days prior to the departure of their flight.

Note: British airways also upgraded the Qantas fully tendered bar at terminal 3 of Heathrow’s airport.

The Concorde Room of British Airways at Heathrow’s Airport

The Concorde room is the category of the lounge that is most extensive. It is considered the best lounge between all lounges of the globe that are offered by British airways.

There are only two Concorde rooms of British airways, one is at Heathrow airport and another is at JFK airport in new york. These Concorde rooms are much better than the business class and first-class lounges offered with British airways reservations. 

The airline also announced the addition of concord room for the premier card and gold guest club members in New York, London, Los angles, Delhi and Mumbai. This news for the up-gradation of British airways amenities is highly welcomed by the passengers. All in all, we can say that the British airways are now able to complete their luxurious carrier in the sky.