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Toronto Kingston, Jamaica

Starting from:

$ 631.77

Dec-15-2022 Dec-22-2022

Denver Dubai

Starting from:

$ 1037.68

Dec-08-2022 Dec-15-2022

New York Miami

Starting from:

$ 173.6

Dec-01-2022 Dec-08-2022

WestJet Airlines

WestJet Airlines Reservations at Discounted Prices at HolaFares

WestJet airlines booking using Holafares

Every trip starts with a journey and you better be sure to make it perfect. One bad incident in the journey and you will regret it throughout your trip. Yes, comfort is surely a choice, but affordability is a necessity.

There are not many flights that provide a great deal along with the most memorable experience. But with WestJet flights, you are assured to get both breathtaking deals and highly comfortable traveling experience.

There are millions of people who make WestJet reservations every day to reach their favorite destinations across the world. And there is a reason for this extravaganza popularity of this flight. Therefore, be a part of the crowd and make a WestJet bookingfor your holidays now.

Before that, let us have a look at the basic information of WestJet airways, their benefits, and the procedure to make a WestJet online booking. What makes these airlines highly popular? All these questions will be answered in the upcoming sections.

What are WestJet airlines?

WestJet airline is the primary airline in Canada. It has a really interesting beginning. It was started to compete with the major airline Canada of that time in terms of cost. As of now, WestJet flights travel to 100 destinations in a number of countries.

WestJet is the ninth-largest passenger-carrying airline of North America. Moreover, it is a subsidiary of the Kestrel Bidco and has more than 14,000 employees. However, WestJet denies being a part of any airline alliance.

WestJet is currently operating three major types of Boeing planes as follows:

  • Boeing 767

  • Boeing 787

  • Boeing 737 Max

All these WestJet flights travel on major long haul routes and provide a number of classes and an excellent service within them. Moreover, WestJet owns two direct subsidiaries is WestJet encore and WestJet link.

Services of WestJet airlines

When you make WestJet reservations you get to enjoy two types of services is in-flight entertainment and in-flight beverages and food. Let us know the details of the two in detail.

  1. In-flight entertainment

The airplanes owned by WestJet comprise a flat 5 inch TV at the back of the seat. It is a satellite TV and can be operated only when you are traveling in Canada. It features a large number of channels such as sports, kids, news, and entertainment channels.

There is even a specialized channel known as WestJet channel that features the location of aircraft, groundspeed, altitude, and various other information related to the flight. You can control the TV through the buttons embedded in the armrest.

However, the WestJet team is planning to retire this channel since WestJet connects requested for it. WestJet Connect is a system of entertainment in flights that allows the people with WestJet reservations to use their own smartphones and laptops.

This service allows you to enjoy a large number of TV shows and movies and free access to a USB port for charging your devices and gadgets. However, you still need to pay for accessing the internet connection on the flight. It is available in these flights as follows:

  • WestJet 767

  • WestJet 737-700

  • WestJet 737 Max

  • WestJet 800

  • WestJet select 600

The WestJet 787 also provides a large touch screen along with the WestJet connect at the back of the seats of the passengers. By using the monitor, you can get access to a large number of TV shows, movies, and games. Furthermore, you also get a pair of complimentary headphones.

Also, when you travel in business class or the premium economy class, you get an upgraded version of headphones that clutters the background noise so that you can enjoy your entertainment media to the fullest.

The encore aircraft does not contain any media of entertainment but is extremely cheaper than any other type of flight. This makes the WestJet encore a highly affordable flight and makes it available to most of the people.

  1. In-flight food & beverages

If you are traveling with WestJet Flights reservations for less than four hours, you are offered a lot of snacks and beverages by WestJet. Moreover, if you are fond of drinking alcohol then you can purchase them in the flight for your delight.

However, if your WestJet airlines reservations are of more than four hours then you not only get those complimentary beverages and food but limited access to the buy-on-board service through which you can purchase any meal while traveling in the aircraft.

When you travel internationally, you get both the complimentary meals and the alcoholic drinks for absolutely free without the need of paying even a single penny for it. Moreover, some aircraft of the WestJet airlines also provide options to choose from hot and cold meals as well as customized meals.

Codeshare Agreement - WestJet Airlines Flight Reservations

Here are some of the major airlines that share codeshare agreement with AirFrance:

  1. Delta Air Lines

  2. Qantas Airlines

  3. Cathay Pacific

  4. Emirates Airlines

  5. KLM Airlines

  6. Hong Kong Airlines and more

How to make a WestJet booking online?

The process of making a WestJet online booking is pretty straightforward and does not needs you to be tech-savvy. Here is a step by step process to make an online WestJet booking:

  1. First of all, choose the date on which you want to fly and if you wish to make a two-way flight booking then choose the arrival date too.

  2. Next, select the destination where you want to visit from a list of the available destinations.

  3. Now fill up the necessary details such as your name, mobile number, address, and all the other details that are required by the input field.

  4. Then just hit the book button and choose payment methods to complete the payment.

  5. You can choose from a wide range of payment methods from credit cards to debit cards.

  6. Then just pay for the booking and after that, your ticket will be successfully booked.

  7. Lastly, you just need to select the mode to receive your tickets which can be either email or SMS.

A journey is always the most exciting part of a trip and with WestJet Flights, you can ensure that it is one of a kind. You can get amazing deals and services with WestJet airways. That's all we have for today.

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