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Miami Atlanta

Starting from:

$ 178.72

Dec-12-2022 Dec-15-2022

New York Los Angeles

Starting from:

$ 289.95

Dec-20-2022 Dec-23-2022

Miami New York

Starting from:

$ 269.44

Dec-26-2022 Dec-29-2022

Qantas Airways

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Explore the world with Qantas airlines

Who doesn't loves to explore new places? We humans always love to learn something new and interesting. As a matter of fact, traveling is a great way to do so. Therefore, traveling is a really great and popular hobby, interest, and opportunity for all of us.

However, traveling needs investment and sometimes a lot of investment. Due to this, many people avoid exploring new places in the world and remain contaminated in their space. However, we can help to get out of that limited space and explore new places.

How? Well, we are HolaFares and we provide very cheap airlines booking to help you travel wherever you want. We provide cheap tickets in various airlines in all the classes. In this post, we will share with you the details of Qantas Airlines.

We provide the service of Qantas bookings and help you to do Qantas airlines reservations at extremely affordable rates. Now the main question arises is "why should I make Qantas reservationsWell, that's what we'll tell you in this article.

This article will talk about the various specifications of the Qantas airlines and their features. We will wind this post with the booking procedure through which you can make Qantas airline reservations with ease. So let us start with a warm introduction

Introduction to Qantas airlines

Qantas is the predominant airline of Australia and is known as the only airline with the largest fleet size. This airline travels to the most number of national and international destinations. It is designated as the 3rd oldest airline across the globe. 

The main hub of this airline is found in Sydney airport and it is a suburb of Mascot. It has a large number of subsidiaries and operates for both international and domestic destinations. It counts for 14.9% of the total passengers traveling from Australia.

Qantas frequent flyer program

This airline provides a frequent flyer program known as the Qantas frequent flyer. While doing the Qantas airlines reservations, you earn loyalty points that you can use on other flights operated by Qantas airlines.

The various services you can avail of this program are flight booking, in-flight amenities, seat upgrades, and other products under the travel domain. The points are allotted as per the miles you travel after doing Qantas bookings.

Destinations traveled by Qantas airlines

The various destinations that you can travel with Qantas Flights are as follows:

  • Northern Territory

  • Cairns

  • Port Douglas

  • Western Australia

  • Wagga

  • Port Macquarie

  • Japan

  • Tasmania

  • Ho Chi Minh City

  • Broome

  • Vietnam

  • New Zealand

  • Devonport

  • Tokyo

  • Bangko

Classes in Qantas airlines

There are a total number of three classes that you can select at the time of Qantas Flights reservations is first class, business class, and economy class. All of these classes provide different facilities and services. Let us have a look at each of them one by one: 

  1. First-class

This class provides the features as follows: 

  • Extra-wide beds to get a good sleep with sheepskin mattresses and high quality of blankets and pillows

  • A sound dining experience with a premium collection of wines and lavishing food

  • In-seat snacks and drinks throughout the journey 

  • Several in-flight entertainment amenities such as video on demand, games, and 3D gaming experience

  • High comfort and availability of daily use things like toiletries, sleeper suits, sleepers, and skincare products

With all such services, your journey will be highly comfortable. So do Qantas reservations right away and make your journey affordable and comfortable. 

  1. Business-class

The business class of Qantas airlines is really comfortable and provides these special features:

  • You can fly in a really comfortable way in the award-winning seating of Qantas and a strategic seating arrangement

  • You will get access to an onboard lounge in which you will get a lot of refreshments, reading material, and newspapers. You can also watch your favorite videos on a 22 inch TV.

  • You will be able to enjoy a great dining experience with a delicious food menu and an extensive list of wines. 

  • You will get access to several entertainment features such as gaming, TV, and music. 

  • You will get free of cost amenity kit that you can use for pampering yourself and consists of eye masks, sleepers, and skincare products.

Overall, the business class provides a highly comfortable experience that you will never forget if it is your first-time travel on an airplane.  

  1. Economy Class 

Economy class costs lesser than any other class on Qantas flights but its features are really good. This class provides these services as follows:

  • The seats are ergonomic and you will be highly comfortable during your travel 

  • You will get a free pair of headsets to use and your seat will be equipped with recliner feature so you can sleep on it too 

  • You will get access to several complimentary beverages and food

  • You can order your favorite snacks and wines from the onboard facility

  • You will get personalized screens on which you can enjoy your favorite TV shows and movies 

Therefore, even if you are a budget traveler, the Qantas airlines ensure a great travel experience for you. Therefore, make Qantas bookings right now. 

Benefits of booking with HolaFares

If you want to get Qantas airline tickets for cheaper rates then you must choose HolaFares for the service. We ensure that your travel will be extremely budget-friendly with us and you will be able to get the most out of your travel experience. 

Moreover, we are aware of the fact that traveling can sometimes scramble your budget highly. Therefore, we always strive to provide you the cheapest booking rates through our intelligent listings of available fairs.

So go ahead and explore the world with whole new experience, also find cheap plane tickets to Sydney, Australia with us or book Qantas flight tickets at the lowest price with HolaFares.

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