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Denver Dublin

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$ 1178.98

Dec-20-2022 Dec-23-2022

New York Denver

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$ 194.22

Dec-13-2022 Dec-15-2022

Chicago Paris

Starting from:

$ 864.6

Dec-06-2022 Dec-08-2022

KLM Airline

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Everything You Need To Know About KLM Airways

Travelling is more than just a process for people. Some people consider traveling as their hobby. Some may relate it to a way of relaxing. Some people may consider it as a way to explore and learn new things about the world.

The definition may differ but the fun and excitement is always the same. Moreover, travel is more fun when done perfectly. If everything goes right during your travel then your overall trip will also be really great and full of joy.

KLM is one such flight carrier that ensures your travel experience is one of a kind. In this article, we will explore more about the KLM airways and will explain to you about its classes, services, and frequent flyer programs.

Throughout the end, you will learn everything about the KLM flights and will also know how to make KLM flights reservations at the most affordable rates. Therefore, let us begin with an introduction to the KLM airways.

Introduction to KLM flights

KLM is popularly known as KLM Royal Dutch airlines. It is the mainline flag carrier operating in the Netherlands. The main headquarter of this airline is situated in the Amstelveen. It is the part of an airline alliance known as Sky-Team. KLM is also a part of the Air France group.

It is fascinating to know that KLM is the oldest known airline in the world. Therefore, you know that if you have made the KLM flight reservations & booking, you are flying with the right companion. KLM has over 35488 employees and operates with a total of 119 fleets that don't include its subsidiaries.

KLM serves a total of 145 destinations through its cargo and passenger services. It is one of the top-rated airlines that provide extravaganza services to its passengers. It has a diverse range of classes about which we will discuss below.

Cabins in KLM airlines

While you make KLM reservations you get the liberty to choose from three cabin classes for your KLM flights. These are economy comfort, world business class, and the normal economy. All the cabins provide numerous services such as personal screens for video on demand and satellite telephones.

Almost all the long haul flights by KLM provide SMS and Email services. The medium-haul and short-haul flights of KLM have rear cabin economy seats and business cabin as well as the economy comfort cabin is in the forward cabin.

Let us take a look at each of these classes one by one:

  1. World Business Class

These cabins are the business cabins of the KLM. They are available in all of the long haul flights. The seat sizes of these cabins are 20x60 inches. The seats can be reclined to an angle of 170 degrees and can be converted into a flatbed of 75 inches length.

All the seats provide a personal television screen that you can use for services such as video on demand. Other comfort and entertainment services include privacy canopy, massage, armrest, and power outlets to charge gadgets.

  1. Europe business class

KLM's city hopper classes are known as the European business class. They are available in all the short-haul flights that are operated by the KLM. If you make KLM reservations in the business class of then you get to enjoy several premium entertainments and comfort services.

The three-row middle seats in this class are blocked so that the passengers can enjoy more of their personal space. Moreover, they also feature extra leg space for comfort and the seats can recline even more than the regular economy class.

You will get power outlets in the seat to charge your gadgets. However, there are no personal entertainment options available in this class of KLM. The seating structure is in a 3-3 abreast so you will likely meet various new people during your flight.

  1. Economy Comfort

When you make a KLM flight booking in the economy comfort class, you can expect an extremely comfortable travel experience. Moreover, this class is among the cheapest class of KLMso you can always expect a budget-friendly trip.

The seats of this class are much more comfortable than any other class and they have a specialized double recline functionality through which they can be reclined twice as much as the seats in other classes.

Moreover, the other services are similar to those of the other economy class in KLM. Therefore, you can do the KLM reservations in either of these classes. One special feature is that you will get to exit flight earlier than the passengers of the regular economy.

  1. Economy Class

You can always do KLM Flight bookings in the Economy class for the long haul flights. This class also provides loads of features and seating of 31 inches. All the seats in this class have wing headrest that you can adjust as per your level of comfort.

Other services include audio and video on demand and a satellite phone to make calls. Moreover, you will also get a personal power outlet to charge your gadgets. However, there is not much entertainment option in this class.

KLM Flight Codeshare Agreement

If you are traveling with KLM flights then following are the airlines that have a codeshare agreement with the airlines:

  1. Delta Airways

  2. WestJet Airlines

  3. Etihad Airlines

  4. Copa Airlines

  5. Aeromexico

  6. Xiamen Airlines and many other airlines.

How to do KLM Reservations?

The KLM flights booking process is very easy and you can get KLM cheap flights by following a set of easy to follow steps. These are: 

  1. Choose your arrival and departure date along with the destinations. 

  2. Enter the details such as name, address, and phone number. 

  3. Choose a payment method (credit or debit card). 

  4. Pay for your ticket and choose a method to receive the ticket (SMS or email) 

And that's how you can get your KLM cheap flights booked with ease. 

There's also a KLM frequent flyer program that rewards the passengers with miles on every travel they do with KLM. The passenger can use those miles on their next travel expenditures. The program is extremely popular and many people are taking benefit of it. 

In conclusion, KLM is a great airline with a really great experience and history. When you are traveling with KLM airlines you are literally in the safest hands in the context of flying.

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