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British Airways

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British Airways Bookings Through HolaFares

British Airways, often referred to as BA, is an airline based in the United Kingdom. It has its main headquarter in Waterside, Harmondsworth. It is renowned as the second-largest flag carrier airline of the UK. The main hubs of British Airways are at Gatwick Airport and Heathrow Airports, which are busiest airports in London. British Airways Flights share its alliance with Oneworld, which is the most trusted and number one choice of all the international passengers. Apart from all this, British Airlines has a fleet size of around 280 aircraft that operates to 180+ destinations, hence connecting numerous destinations around the world. So if you are heading out in near future and looking for prestigious and yet pocket-friendly airlines, British Airways is the one choice for you. Make your British Airways flight booking now and avail of some amazing discounts on the airfare with HolaFares.

Cabins Services of British Airways

There are two types of flights that you can choose while you make British airways Flights reservations which are further classified in terms of cabins and classes. Here is a complete summary of all the British Airways flights, cabins arrangements, and on-board services offered by British airways.

Short Haul Flights

  • Economy class

British airway economy class is known as Euro traveler which is available for all short-haul BA bookings within the premises of Europe. This also involves domestic flights boarding through the UK. The flights which are based on Gatwick and Heathrow are operated by the Airbus series of aircraft known as A320.

In these flights, the standards size of the seats ranges from 29' to 34'. The size also depends on the location of the seat and the type of aircraft in use. The flights traveling through Gatwick and Heathrow provide a buy-on-board service through which you can get a wide range of food items through Marks and Spencer industries.

Moreover, the payment options for the purchases are flexible and you can pay either through your credit card, debit card, or flyer points. Currently, British Airways is bringing Wi-Fi service within the aircraft and claims to make 90% of the flight's Wi-Fi enabled by 2020.

Furthermore, British Airways are also providing on-board catering services which are expected to be a replacement for the buy-on-board service.

  • Business-class

All short-haul reservations in business class are known as Club Europe. This class provides free access to business lounges at all the major airports. The seats are available in a configuration of 2-2 in an aircraft with a narrow shaped body.

The middle seats are unoccupied and a foldable table is provided under the middle seats. If you plan to make British airways reservations for a longer journey then you will also get bed sheets and blankets. There are also some of the in-flight entertainment services offered by some of the A320 flights.

Passengers who are traveling to a longer route will be provided with the In-Flight Entertainment system. You will be provided with a touch-screen TV, with pre-loaded movies and TV series. These facilities are available in some of A320 aircraft. The passengers will be provided with their own personal headphones to enjoy their entertainment facility without disturbing any other passenger.

Long and Mid-haul flights

  • First-class

All the passengers who have made British Airways reservations in First Class will be allotted with private cabins, each cabin has 6 ft 6 in sized bed, a personal in-flight entertainment screen id 15 in, and power sockets to charge your devices. Apart from this, the passengers will also have access to British Airways lounges at the major airports. The first-class passenger is also be getting pre-flight dining at 'Concorde Room at Heathrow International Airport Terminal 5' and New York JFK Airports. For some flights, British Airways has VR installed in their first-class cabin so that you can enjoy 2D, 3D videos while flying. It is indeed one of the most prestigious airlines available to travel with. If money is not the issue, then traveling with British Airways can bring you an exceptional experience of comfort and fun that you never had before.

Here is the list of aircraft of British Airways theta provide amazing first-class services:

  • Boeing 777-300ERs

  • Boeing 777-200s

  • Boeing 787-9s

  • Airbus A380s

  • Boeing 747-400s

  • Club world

Club world is a business class in British airways used for mid-haul and long haul flights. It is found in all the aircraft of Boeing and Airbus some of which are:

  • Boeing 787

  • Boeing 777

  • Airbus A318

  • Airbus A380

  • Airbus A321

And a lot more of other aircraft as well!

These cabins are fully-fledged with several convertible flatbeds and recently the size of the seats has also increased. The design is similar to that of a wide-body aircraft and now also features a door suite.

  • World traveler plus

This one is a premium economy class available in the mid and long haul flights for the passengers with a British Airways booking. This cabin provides a lot more features than the usual cabins such as extended legroom, a wide size of seats, more seat comforters, power sockets, and an in-flight entertainment system. Premium Economy class is available in the following aircraft:

  • AirbusA380

  • Boeing B747

  • Boeing B777 and

  • Boeing B787

Moreover, a complimentary bar is also offered when you upgrade your main course meal.

  • World traveler

This is yet another economy class cabin found in mid-haul and long-haul flights. All the passengers who are traveling with World traveler will be provided with an entertainment screen pre-loaded with blockbuster movies and shows. British Airways onboard crew is actively present to help you have a comfortable journey, therefore they will provide you with several comforting facilities such as seatback entertainment, pillows, blankets, and complimentary drinks and food.

Moreover, you will also get your personal TV's along with a separate power outlet at every seat. Both the UK and US power outlets are supported in this class.

So if you want to have these services and that too at the most affordable prices, make your British Airways flights bookings with HolaFares, here you will get comparative low rates on flight ticket bookings.

Codeshare Agreement - BA Bookings

British Airways pushing its efforts on making the journeys much better and more comfortable, therefore to reach out to routes and destinations more accurately and effectively, it has a codeshare agreement with the following airlines:

  • Aer Lingus

  • Alaska Airlines

  • American Airlines

  • Cathay Pacific

  • China Southern Airlines

  • Finnair

  • Japan Airlines

  • Qantas Airlines

  • Qatar Airlines and many more

Baggage Policy in British Airways

There are several rules and regulations associated with the carrying of baggage. Let us take a look at each of them one by one.

  • Carry-on baggage

Each passenger with a BA booking gets a free one-time carry-on baggage along with a personal item. However, the baggage must not exceed the weight of 23 kg. A similar throttle exists for personal items as well.

  • Checked baggage

The allowance of free checked baggage for passengers traveling with a British Airways online booking depends entirely on the class of the cabin in which the passenger is flying. It differs with the class as follows:

  • Economy class is 2 free checked baggage under the weight of 32 kg

  • Premium economy is 2 free checked baggage under 23 kg

  • Business-class is 2 free checked baggage under 32 kg

  • First-class is 3 free checked baggage under 32 kg

Moreover, the baggage service also depends largely on the route through which the flight is traveling.

British Airways Ticket Bookings With HolaFares

You can either do British airways online booking or can get a reservation for yourself at the airport. With such a large number of facilities, you can enjoy an exotic travel experience that you won't forget. Therefore, get British airways now to embark an experience worth memorizing. So if you are planning your next trip, we suggest you check HolaFares for much lower flight ticket fares. With us, you can avail of some exceptional discounts on your British Airways ticket bookings and hence you can enjoy your journey in a much better way. You can also reach out to British Airways reservations for any queries and information related to your flight cancellations, rescheduling, and other issues.

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