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Visit Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a wonderful natural tourist attraction where tourists can enjoy the marvelous beaches, volcanos, forests, and unique wildlife. This luxury city is home to numerous museums and lovely squares. Despite being the busiest city, you can find some of the real treasures in forests and the other natural landscapes which have been well preserved and maintained to balance nature with modernization. Costa Rica also offers a stretch of beaches and the forest-covered mountains that give a different pleasure to the visitors. This is a city where you can have exciting experiences of volcanoes and waterfalls and extraordinary wildlife.

This place is not less than heaven for the people who love to be in the beauty of nature. Apart from natural attractions this place also houses cultural attractions. If you are planning to visit this place, just sign up with HolaFares and check out the cheap flights to Costa Rica. Here are some awesome tourist attractions in Costa Rica that you must visit.

Some awesome tourist attractions of Costa Rica are as follows:

Manuel Antonio National Park
This park is really fun if you want to visit beaches, wildlife, and forest at the same time. This park is so beautiful and here you will enjoy the stretch of sand, forest, and different types of animal species. Walking in the parks with the help of guides will surely help you to visit the wildlife spots in an easy manner. You will find monkeys, squirrel monkeys, and different kinds of birds over here.
Do not forget to carry a telescope to see the beauty of each and every corner of the park. Also, there is an oceanfront beach in this park, where you can enjoy the waves. Across the other side of the beach, there are hilly restaurants where you can have sumptuous meals with a heavenly view. 

The Arenal volcano national park
The Arenal volcano is one of the top volcano visiting spots in the country. It is the main attraction of the park that rises up to 1633 meters. It is a type of cone-shaped mountain with huge ash blowing from the crater. This volcano has once killed around 80 people and ruined 2 nearby villages. Visitors can also see clouds of ash and lava flowing down to the mountain. 

Apart from the volcano, this place is also famous for its biodiversity, it is a home for birds, reptiles, mammals, and amphibians. Another thing that you can visit near the park is the Arenal Observatory lodge. This place is located in the south of the volcano, you can enjoy hiking and waterfalls in this area. So this place is a real-time observatory place where you can enjoy the active volcano with ashes and smoke. Book your cheap flights to Costa Rica and never miss to visit this place. This place will really give you a different experience.
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The main objective of HolaFares is to provide you the easiest and user-friendly platform to get your tickets booked within minimal time. Also, the ticketing agents are working hard in providing you the best traveling experience that you will never forget. 

Monteverde and the cloud forests
Moving on to our next best place in Costa Rica is The Monteverde and the cloud forests which are two popular ecotourism places. The Monteverde and the cloud forest is the hub for nature's beauty where you can enjoy a lot of unique plants and trees. It is a shady place that is covered with forest and it is the best place for the habitats of a large number of animal species as well. Wildlife gets moisturized with the clouds over here. This place provides tourism as well as an offer to the visitor to enjoy shopping, restaurants, and artists galleries.
This place is located 4 hours away from San Juan. People visiting this place normally don't stay here, they visit the forests and head towards the other attractive destinations of the city. This place is highly recommended if you are a person who loves to visit natural sceneries and like a calm environment. Make a visit to this place with your family and friends and reach the land of natural beauty by booking cheap plane tickets to Costa Rica. 

Dominical is a tropical place where a number of visitors come to enjoy the beautiful beaches. This place provides cheap accommodations and open-air restaurants to the people who want to stay here. This place is so beautiful and heavenly that it will be wanting to stay here forever. We bet you would surely wish to extend your days of staying, once you are here. This place provides you a close-up view of various wild animals.
Dominical, Costa Rica has a wide stretch of beach where you can enjoy waves. The beach is backed up by trees that look magnificent. The market place is spectacular, vendors sell the souvenirs of the country to the visitors, peaceful streets covered by beautiful trees, and many attractive artifacts that will win your heart instantly. This place is really a peaceful place that inspires visitors to stay here longer. As the beach is at the southern location this place always remains lush even in the dry season of the country.
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The national theatre in San Jose
When it comes to the most impressive building in Costa Rica The national theatre comes to the top. The artists from Europe were imported to the country to construct this building. The construction of the building was completed in 1897. The building houses the number of dancing and music statues. Moreover, the pink marble foyers also feature other comedy themes. There is a painting that shows the theme of coffee harvesting, this painting was painted in 1897.
Apart from this, the mural of the building highlights the three-story horseshoe-shaped auditorium that can occupy the space of 1100 people. The theatre organizes regular performances or art shows by the local artists. This is the place where you explore the art, culture, and the history of the city. 

Tortuguero national park
It is a national park located in Costa Rica that was established in 1975. It is the third most visited park in Costa Rica and is only accessible by plane or boat. There is a large variety of biodiversity in the park. There are a number of flora and fauna in this park. This park is governed by the national system of conservation areas of the city. This park has around 20 miles of coastline that gives a protected place to the turtles to lay their eggs.
This place is home for a variety of birds, mammals, sea turtles, and other aquatic animals. Moreover, this park also consists of lakes and rainforests. So it is a completely shady place that helps the animals to stay safe. Apart from this, the place has a long extended beach that is a nesting ground for the turtles. These turtles are found on the beaches and their other species are also found on the banks and coastlines. Visit here and grab the latest deals and book cheap flights to Costa Rica at Holaafres.

Jaco beach in Costa Rica
Jaco beach is generally known as the black sand beach that is around 4 kilometers long and is one of the best surfing places in Costa Rica where the visitors are able to enjoy swimming too. This beach is less dramatic so the swimming is safe on this beach. There are so many coastal towns along the beach that provide departmental stores, top-class restaurants, and also stores where you can enjoy shopping. Also, the visitors can enjoy nice dinners outside in these luxurious hotels that are located near the beach. The shops near the beach sell the equipment on rent for surfing. This place is also famous for its nightlife. So the visitors can come to the place any time, this place ensures you complete fun, whether you are coming in the day time or the night time.

Osa Peninsula and Corcovado National Park
Located in the south of Costa Rica and beyond Dominica Osa Peninsula and Corcovado National Park houses coastal rainforests. This is a place where one can enjoy surfing, diving, snorkeling, and fishing. Moreover, this place is home to half of the species living in Costa Rica. The main of the Osa Peninsula is Puerto Jimenez. This place has its own airport and by this place, one can head towards the Corcovado national park.
The Corcovado national park was established in 1975. This place is located on the southwestern coast of Costa Rica. This park is the largest park in Costa Rica and visited by many visitors. This place provides rich biodiversity and the most valuable trees and vegetation that helps in the economy of the country. This park is always open for the public for day trips as well as for overnight visits. One can also stay in camps over there, also if the visitors need basic food over there, they need to make their reservations one week before. They will surely provide you such amenities if there will be the availability of enough space.
These are the popular destinations of Costa Rica that are visited by millions of visitors every year. It is a recommended place that one must include its traveling itinerary. You can easily visit this place by booking your airline tickets to costa Rica. Just up with any of the airline's official website and check out the worthy fares of air tickets. If you find any issues in your reservations, then you can on the official website of the airlines. They will surely assist you with better services. Pack your bags and take the cheap flights to Costa Rica and enjoy your vacations by visiting these attractions.

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Tips and Tricks to Find Cheap Flight Tickets to Costa Rica

Everyone loves traveling, some do it for personal reasons and others do it for fun. Every now or then you need a break from your daily schedule, and find a place where you could have some stress-free, relaxing and fun time. If you are earning good, then traveling is not much of tension but if you are tight on your budget or if you wish to save some money and yet have all the fun, then here are some amazing tricks to follow to get your hands on cheap plane tickets to Costa Rica.

1. Advanced booking
Always make your plans months before your journey, this will not only let you have a well-planned hassle-free traveling but also it will help you get cheap flights to Costa Rica. If you are traveling from the USA, the best and most popular route would be from Los Angeles to San Jose. So check for the available flight tickets, check your dates of travel, if you are flexible with dates then explore other possibilities. Find a date that holds the cheapest airline tickets to Costa Rica and make your booking for that date if possible.

2. Book Flights to Costa Rica in Off-Season
For all the destinations, there are some months in the year when the tourist business is the lowest. Find out the months that are less-visited for your destinations, during these months the flight tickets and hotel rates are extremely low as compared to highly visited months or during the season. So if you have planned your trip to Costa Rica, check out the best time to visit depending on your preference of weather and rates and make the bookings accordingly. Here are the months when the tourist business is high and low in Costa Rica:

Though there is no off-season to visit Costa Rica as it has its own beauty in all the seasons. Still, if you are looking for the time when there is less crowd, and prices are low then the months of July and August are the best and then there is September and October when the tourists are lesser as compared to other months in the year.
So to save and have an in-expensive trip to Costa Rica, you must check out the months of July, August, September, and October.For more information on the best months to travel to Costa Rica depending on your priorities feel free to consult the ticketing department agents who have better suggestions for you to have cheap flight tickets and in-expensive traveling tricks to Costa Rica.

3. Contact HolaFares
As per the suggestion mentioned above, the last but not the least to the list of tricks and tips to find cheap plane tickets to Costa Rica is by speaking with the flight ticket agents or you can also explore a number of flights on HolaFares depending on your dates and destinations to find the most suited airlines. You can very easily make your airline reservations to Costa Rica through HolaFares because you can surely be able to find some discounts and offers to go on the flight tickets that can help you save some money. You can also speak in the ticketing department to get the best-discounted Costa Rica flights. Moreover, they can help you find the most suitable flights and services depending on your requirements.

Major Airport to reach Costa Rica

Mainly there are 4 international airports in Costa Rica: 

1. Juan Santamaria International Airport (SJO)

It is located in Costa Rica. Also, it is the biggest and prime international airport in the city. Many international flights operate from this airport and it also has a very prime location if you are traveling to San Jose. This airport also serves as Focus City for Copa Airlines.

2. Daniel Oduber International Airport (LIR)
Daniel Oduber International Airport is one of the busiest airports in San Jose, which is located in Liberia. Due to its location, it is sometimes referred to as Liberia International Airport. If you are traveling to the Pacific coast and west coast of Rica, this airport will be your best choice.

3. Limon International Airport (LIO)
This is another very important international Airport located in Costa Rica. All the travelers who are traveling to the following cities are required to land at this airport:

  • Puerto Limon
  • Cahuita
  • Puerto Viejo
  • Manzanillo and Gandoca
  • Bri Bri
  • Hone Creek
  • Shirole and Suretka
So if you are destined to any of these cities in Costa Rica then it is wise to land at Limon International Airport.

4. Tobias Bolanos International Airport (SYQ)
Another main international airport located in Costa Rica is Tobias Bolanos International Airport. It is the second busiest airport in San Jose after Juan Santamaria International Airport (SJO). Many private flights, chartered flights operated from this airport and it also serves as the main base for general aviation.
Before booking the flight tickets to Costa Rica, it is very important to know which airport will be the most convenient for your journey or which Costa Rica airport is closest to your destination. Make sure to choose the right airport and if you are unsure, feel free to speak in the ticket department and seek professional help. You can also reach out to HolaFares on the mentioned number to get all doubts cleared out, the service providers are available round the clock to assist you.

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