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Aruba is a very beautiful destination to visit. Make your Aruba tickets reservations with us and save on the go.

Visit The Beautiful Aruba

Aruba is a beautiful island in the Netherlands surrounded by blond beaches and desert landscapes. This place is a dry island with fine weather. The weather of Aruba is one of the reasons to attract large tourists and makes the place worth a visit in a lifetime. Almost around three-quarters of the gross national product is earned by tourism. There are plenty of options for visitors to enjoy the outdoors as well as indoor activities. Also, there is a packed cruise port where visitors can see a lot of tourist attractions. 

So if you are well aware of the place and planning a trip to Aruba, book your flight tickets to Aruba with HolaFares as the chances are higher of getting amazing deals and discounts on flight ticket bookings. If you are not aware of the place so well and want to know the best spots to explore in Aruba, keep reading the article. You will surely fall in love with the place and want to visit Aruba as soon as possible.

Some of the important top-rated tourist attractions of Aruba are as follows:

Beaches in Aruba
Aruba is scattered with beaches all around. There are long stretches of white and sandy beaches. Also, there are some crystal clear water beaches. Every beach will give you a different experience. Some of the important beaches of Aruba are as follows:

Palm beach
The palm beach is the busiest beach and also the most crowded beach of Aruba Island. There are a number of chairs around the long palm trees where the visitors can enjoy the beauty of nature. Also, passengers can do a lot of recreational activities. This beach is considered as the perfect family beach. 

Eagle beach
The eagle beach is the beautiful beach of the island. Also, it is considered as the prettiest beach in the world. As this beach is so much wide so it is comparatively less crowded. Visitors can spend their day on this beach and can enjoy the beauty of it to the fullest. 

Arashi Beach
Arshi Beach is the gorgeous beach that is rockier than Palm Beach as well as Eagle Beach. These beaches also give chances to the visitors to do different recreational activities. This is the perfect spot to have more private time far away from the crowd, where you can lie and enjoy the sun, you can also hear the astonishing sound of waves here which will relax your soul. Sounds like a perfect day? Then hurry to book your cheap flights to Aruba and get the most relaxed outing you have ever imagined. 

Black stone beach
The black stone beach is the beach that will give you a totally different experience. Its beauty and uniqueness lie in the black-stones, this beach is surrounded by black pebbles. The Black Stone Beach, Santa Cruz, Aruba is one of the most attractive places to visit. If you are a swimmer, this beach might disappoint you, due to hardness in the water, swimming is not a good option here, but apart from that, it is one of the unique places which worth a trip once in a lifetime. So get your Aruba Plane tickets now and get on the plane and have the most-awaited and adventurous trip of your life.

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Apart from the above-mentioned beaches, there are many more amazingly beautiful and fun beaches that you must visit in Santa Cruz, Aruba. There are a number of baby beaches that are good for swimming, Pink Flamingo Beach and Daimari Beach are some of the examples that you must check out while you are in Aruba. It really gives you entertainment and recursion from your busy lives.
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Oranjestad is a beautiful city and the Capital of Aruba. This city has a distinct type of architecture. The buildings of the city are with a Spanish twist. There are several tourist attractions places in Oranjestad, Aruba like Royal Plaza which is one of the main spots for shopping lovers, then there stands Fort Zoutman, which is one of many major tourist places in the city. The visitors can enter into the Wilhelmina park that is one of the famous parks in the city. This park is located on the waterfront where you can see thousands of flowers blooming in the park.
If you have any interest in history and culture, then you would be astonished by the Aruba History, apart from this there are almost eight different museums each of which holds different stories. If you are visiting Aruba, it will be an amazing experience to visit these museums.
One thing you must explore in the city is Renaissance Island. This place is amazingly beautiful, spread in 40-acres, this island is privately owned with amazing beaches Iguana Beach and Flamingo Beach. 

Arikok National Park
The Arikok is the largest park that almost covers the 18 percent area of Aruba island. This park is the home of different species that are living on Aruba island. Also, the park is famous for hiking and gold mines. There is a small natural bridge in the Arikok national park which is a popular picnic spot. There are some tourist spots in the Arikok national park that can be visited by 2 wheelers. It is a recommended place that one must visit and enjoy the natural beauty of the park.

The Butterfly Farm
The butterfly farm is located by a palm beach. It is an amazing natural spot where you can hop to the beautiful garden, which is home to different species of butterflies. Here you can see butterflies with different colors and designs. This garden is one of the unique spots and these are located in almost all the popular destinations. It gives a different experience to the visitors. The visitors can take beautiful and colorful pictures over there. For visiting this amazing place, book cheap plane tickets to Aruba and land on the beautiful island. 

Aruba Aloe Factory and Museum Tour
Trip to an Aloe Factory can really give you an opportunity to know more about the aloe plants. It is the place where entry is free for all the visitors. In the aloe museum, you will see short films on the aloe plants. They will show the life stages of the plant starting from the seeds to the lush green plant. Also, you can learn about the benefits of aloe plants. After visiting the museum, you can go to the gift shop of the museum which offers you different aloe plants, you can purchase the plants for your homes as it has medicinal use also. 

Philip�s animal garden
Along with the gardens for birds, there are some animal gardens for animals also. Philip's animal garden is also one of the famous animal gardens in Aruba. This garden is home to almost 52 animal species. Some of the popular species are snakes, kangaroos, emus, ostriches. Apart from these animals, there are farmyard animals like pigs, goats, and horses. The visitors coming to the garden can touch and feed the animals. You can also donate money for the welfare of these animals. There is a donkey sanctuary in the garden where you can have a ride on the donkey.
This tourist attraction of Aruba is also very popular. Don't miss visiting this place. Book cheap flights to Aruba and have a worthy trip to the city. This is the place that one must keep in their itinerary if planning to travel with a tight budget.

Some of the best Restaurants of Aruba

Along with the top-rated tourist attractions, there are plenty of restaurants and bars in Aruba. The visitors can have luxury dining and also there are a lot of options for traditional and international food. Visitors can find fresh and delicious food at every corner of the island. Some of the popular restaurants are as follows:

Aqua grill restaurant
The Aqua grill restaurant is the famous restaurant of Aruba that was opened in 2002. This restaurant has become famous among locals as well as among international tourists from all around the globe. In this restaurant, there is a special place for couples, where they can have romantic meals. This restaurant is fully air-conditioned with amazing services. Aqua Grill is mostly popular for seafood, people who love seafood like fish and more must visit this restaurant for delicious meals.

Papiamento restaurant
The Papiamento Restaurant is known for its amazing decor. It is a restaurant where the visitors can find dutch style antiques. The restaurant also has a garden and a pool where the customers can sit in hundreds of twinkling lights. Also, there are tall trees that make the restaurant unique from other restaurants. Moreover, if you are looking for seafood, then you are in the right place, this restaurant serves all the foods that are popular on the island. 

Gasparito restaurant
Gasparito is a type of art gallery that provides a unique dining experience to the visitors. This restaurant mostly serves the food of Aruba island. Basically, this is a historical building that is decorated with antiques. This restaurant provides the best services as there is expert staff in the restaurant.
Also, there is one more popular restaurant that provides local cuisines like Gasparito restaurant is the Old Cunucu House. This restaurant was built 150 years ago, serving amazing and delicious local dining to the visitors. The famous food items of Cucunu House are stewed chicken and goat and local fresh fish. Along with the cuisines, the restaurant also serves international food like steak, lamb, and veal. Visit this amazing restaurant by booking cheap flights to Aruba with us.

Champions sports bar and restaurant
It is the famous bar located in the Marriot of the Aruba Ocean Club. It serves all the junk foods like hamburgers, pulled pork, and waffle fries. Also, they give happy hours in two shifts. The visitors can play different games for the refreshment in their drinks.

The Laguna restaurant is popular for the American breakfast that opens between 7 am and 11 am in the morning. It serves your favorite breakfast. So the visitors can start their day from the laguna restaurant that is located near the palm beach of Aruba island.

Hard Rock Cafe
The Hard Rock Cafe is the most preferred cafe on Aruba island. It also serves American meals. It has a large seating capacity of around 360 people. Visitors can enjoy outdoor dining along with soft music. This restaurant is also located near the palm beach. The place is also popular for its nightlife and the visitors can enjoy it to the fullest at the Hard Rock Cafe.

Major Airport in Aruba

If visiting Aruba is in your bucket list then you can easily take a flight to Queen Beatrix International Airport. This airport is located in Oranjestad and the airport has flights landing from different airports from all around the globe, also the airport has the best facilities of public transportation, from where the passengers can reach any corner of the island.

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