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Shanghai is one of the most popular urban areas in China and the second most popular city in the world. This city is located in the southern estuary of the Yangtze. Shanghai is the global center for finance, innovation, and transportation. It is described as the 'Showpiece' of China that helps to boom the economy of the country.

Despite its large population, this busiest city offers numerous tourist attractions that include different old temples, world-class museums, towers, gardens, road sights, and various historical buildings. This city also hosts numerous events at national as well as international level. If you are planning to fly to Shanghai then book cheap flights to Shanghai with Holafares, this is the platform where you can get heavy discounts for your trips.

Places to visit in Shanghai that make your trip amazing and memorable

Shanghai is the most loved destination in China that people dream to visit. This city has a number of tourist spots where you can explore the beauty and the history of the country. Shanghai China is certainly one of the best places to visit so don't wait & hesitate, book your flights to Shanghai and explore the beauty of it with your own eyes. The famous tourist attractions in shanghai are as follows:

  1. Shanghai's promenade

It is a very lovely place to visit and the Huangpujiang River is running along the west of Shanghai's promenade. This area of Shanghai gives a European feel as the old buildings are serving as restaurants, boutiques, and offices. This place consists of 52 unique buildings constructed in different styles that make it the world's best collection of Art Deco Architecture. This place is really amazing and pleasant to visit where you can explore different arts and architecture. The place also represents a dedicated history of the city.

  1. Yu Garden

Yu Garden is also known as the garden of happiness. It is a very big place consisting of an inner and outer garden that almost covers an area of more than 20,000 square meters. This building is famous for its attractive roof ornaments, window openings, and dragon-adorned walls. This building also has historical artificial rocks.

In addition to all this, the building also has an inner garden that includes the features of a classical garden consisting of decorative stones, mountains, decorative walls, small ponds, and a highly decorated theatrical stage.

  1. The jade Buddha temple

This temple is situated in the An Yuan Lu district of Shanghai which is famous for Buddha's statues made from jade. This temple houses two Shakyamuni statues. The Jade Buddha temple is basically divided into three halls and two country yards.

There is 'a hall of the kings of heaven' in the temple that is famous for the four heavenly king's statues and two Shakyamuni statues. In addition to this, there are golden statues of Guanyin and sadhana in Mahavir hall.

Besides the display of the distinct statues in different halls, there is a public restaurant area in the temple with a public street entrance that serves delicious food and is accessible to the general public.

  1. The Shanghai museum

This museum was founded in 1952 which has an antique top in the shape of Chinese cooking pot. It is the most wonderful museum that reflects a picture of classical Chinese art. It is a building with top in round shape and base with a square. This museum has four floors and eleven galleries.

The Shanghai museum includes an attractive display of calligraphy and ink drawings. In addition to this, this museum is a collection of jade, pebbles, stones, coins and sculptures, antiques and paintings. In other words, this museum is a historical hub of the country where you can explore a lot by visiting this city by taking cheap flights to Shanghai offered by Holafares.

  1. People's square

This place is also known as the heart of Shanghai. This place has been transformed into Shanghai's premier public space. In this area, you can see various spots for distinct destinations. These spots are as follows:

  • Park of people's square

This park is an amusement spot for the children where they can enjoy different rides, various kinds of indoor games and recreational activities. You can see the people walking, dancing and exercising during the morning and evening.

  • Shanghai grand theatre

This people's square building features three theatres with a large sitting area. While visiting this theatre you can enjoy various shows of singing, dancing, and dramas. In addition to this, there is a banquet hall, coffee shop and an exhibition hall in these people's square.

  • Shanghai urban planning Exhibition center

You can never feel bored after visiting this Exhibition center. This exhibition center explains the various strategies and planning that has gone into creating the Shanghai of today and what it will be like in the future.

  • People square metro station

People's square is the famous transportation hub of Shanghai and this is the intersection of different metro lines. This metro station has 20 exits. People square metro station provides you the best transportation and also helps you to reach different destinations within minimal time.
  1. The China Art Museum

The china art museum is also located in Shanghai. The museum is famously known as the China Art Palace. The China Art Museum is a hub of modern Chinese art and also it is the largest art gallery in Asia. This museum has numerous artworks that are more than 14,000. The people visiting the city must invest their important time to visit this museum.

Your visit to the museum will include modern arts and cultural activities. The people who are culture lovers should not miss visiting oriental art centers. It is the place where you will be entertained by classical music and theatrical productions. This museum holds the country's important modern arts. Imagine or planning to visit this museum? now, book your cheapest tickets to Shanghai with Holafares.

  1. Shanghai Disney resort

Shanghai Disney resort opened in 2016. There are many things to visit in Shanghai Disney park but the most amazing ones are the Shanghai Disneyland park and the entertainment district. You will not get a chance to feel bored while you are here. Do visit here to experience different levels of entertainment. There are several gardens and parks at Disney resorts where you can just sit & relax and pass your time. Moreover there is also an option for shopping here. There are souvenir shops where you can get souvenirs that reflect the beauty and the art of the country.

International Airports in Shanghai

There are two international airports in Shanghai. These are Pudong international airport and Hongqiao international airport. You can travel to any of the airports when you are planning to fly to Shanghai by taking cheap flights to Shanghai China on Holafares. These airports provide convenient transportation to every corner of the city. So get your air tickets to Shanghai China now with us.

Pudong international airport

This airport is situated on the east of the city and handles almost 60% of the flights. This airport was built in 1999 and located almost 30 kilometres away from the city.

Pudong international airport has two terminals and the T2 terminal was built a decade back. There are shuttle services for terminal transfers at Pudong Airport.

Pudong Airport transportation

There are a number of options for transportation from Pudong airport to Shanghai city.

  • Pudong Airport bus transportation: There are approximately 10 bus lines handling the airport to the city centre. People can easily get down to a different destination after taking shuttle bus services.

  • Trains and metro lines: Another option to get down to the distinct destinations of the city are travelling by train or metro line this is easy and fast transportation. These trains run to the city centre as well as run between both the terminals of Pudong airport.

  • Shanghai Pudong airport bus to closer cities: You can avail the long-distance buses that routes to the nearby cities such as Hangzhou, Suzhou, Kunshan etc.

Hongqiao International Airport

This Airport is situated at the west of the city and handles almost 40% of the flights landing on the Hongqiao. This airport is located 13 kilometres away from the city. The airport also consists of two terminals.

Hongqiao Airport transportation

This airport also has different conveniences to transport the passengers to their destinations whether they want to travel to other terminals or to the centre of the city.

  • Hongqiao airport bus service: You can avail the bus services from here to the city centre as well as to the Pudong airport.

  • Taxi: There are airport taxis available that provide transportation services to the city centre and Pudong airport.

  • Metro lines: The metro lines of the Shanghai city are also extended to both the terminals of the airport. Passengers can travel to their destinations easily by using metro lines.

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