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Flights To Rome, Italy

Italy is a place just like heaven on earth, millions of tourists plan to visit Rome, Italy each year. Whether it is history, palaces, French-Gothic Art, Sculptures, Cobbled streets, you will get everything here in Rome. So if you are planning your trip to Rome, or looking for cheap flight tickets to Rome, then book flights to Rome with HolaFares and get discounted tickets. Here you can avail of some amazing discounts on plane tickets to Rome and other destinations globally.

Rome is a city so beautiful that it will take you back to the 17th century. Influenced by ancient Roman architecture, magnificent sculptures at every corner, famous gothic-roman styled fountains, this place will surely make you forget the metropolitan. If you wish to visit these wonderful places, centuries-old churches, and history-rich culture of Romans then visit Rome.

Top Tourist Attractions of Rome

Rome is the capital city of Italy. This city was founded by king Romulus. If you are planning for vacations then Rome is a beautiful ancient city (also known as an eternal city) that one must explore. Rome city is known as the home of ancient sites and churches. This city is built on seven hills and crossed by two rivers.

It is a beautiful city where you can explore the kingdoms of ancient kings and also ancient sites that will surely help to enhance your historical knowledge about the city. This place is a loved destination that offers numerous old buildings as tourist attractions for visitors. Just book cheap flights to Rome and make your vacations memorable. This city has a moderate temperature with cool winters and dry summers.

Places to visit in Rome for fun and experiences

Arch of Constantine is a triumphal Structure Arch in Rome. It was built in AD 315. This arch is the largest Roman Arch. It has three bays and is constructed of brick-faced concrete and marble. This arch is highly decorated with older monuments.  On top of the arch, you can see the large sculptures representing the Dacians. The central arch houses an inscription that is identical on both sides of Arch. 

These are two famous tourist attractions that one must-visits if visiting Rome by taking flights to Rome Italy. You can also book cheap flights to Rome by visiting HolaFares where you can get heavy discounts on airline tickets. 

  1. The Pantheon

The Pantheon was a temple in ancient times, but it is a catholic church nowadays. This building was built by Trajan, Hadrian in 113-125 AD. The building is cylindrical in shape with a portico of large columns under a pediment. When it comes to Pantheon then you should know that it is one of the best-preserved buildings of all the ancient buildings of Rome. The Pantheon was burnt in 80 AD along with many more buildings. It was then built by Domitian, which was again burnt in 110 AD. The building was repaired by emperor Septimius and his son. Pantheon is an example of the most preserved building of ancient roman monumental buildings. As the Pantheon is used as a catholic church, masses are celebrated over there on holidays as well as on Sundays. This is such a calming and peaceful place that you would get lost into tranquility.

If the economic issue is stopping you from taking this amazing trip to Rome, then just grab your passport and book your cheap flights here. With the help of HolaFares, you will be able to save a huge amount on flight tickets to have more fun under-budget.

  1. Roman Forum

Roman Forum is a building founded in 25 BC. This beautiful rectangular shaped forum is surrounded by a number of judicial and government offices, located in the center of the city. This building is a place of public meetings, law courts with a large number of shops and open markets. It is a beautiful attraction that is highly recommended to the one who is booking flights to Rome Italy. 

This forum is the heart and soul of the Rome city that has now become a place of celebrations. It is the most celebrated meeting place in the whole world. This place is a highly crowded place in the city and recognized as an inspirational site for architecture and artists. It is the most significant building built in Rome. 

  1. Trevi fountain

Trevi fountain is situated in the Trevi district of Rome. This fountain was designed by Nicola Salvi. With being the largest fountain of Rome it also is the most popular fountain in the globe. Numbers of roman movie scenes are held near this fountain. This fountain is located at the point where three different roads join and make a terminal point. 

It is one of the oldest water resources in Rome. The height of this fountain is 85 feet and width wise it is 65 feet wide. This fountain spills a lot of water that is recycled and further used as drinking water. Throwing a coin in the fountain is a tradition that most people follow. The water that flows on rocks on the water collected in the basin is always filled with coins. The money is then collected and given to Rome's needy, stealing these coins is illegal and is punishable.

If you wish to visit this iconic place and have diva-like vacations, book your flights to Rome now and get yourself a luxurious holiday. Just pack your bags and book your flights to the most beautiful place on earth.

  1. Centro Storico and the Spanish steps

Centro Storico is a historic district of Rome. It was declared as a world heritage site in 1980. There are around 25000 important archaeological sites and locations in that district. This district almost covers almost an area of 20, 00 kilometers. There are so many churches, palaces, and squares where you can roam in ancient lanes and streets.

Spanish steps are the irregular stairs that lead to the top of the church. There are around 136 steps of the stairs. These stairs have taken their name from a plaza named 'Piazza di Spagna'. These stairs are designed by Francesco de Sanctis. These stairs were constructed from 1723 to 1725 and were opened in 1725. There is a boat-shaped fountain at the bottom of the Spanish steps known as Barcaccia, created by Pietro Bernini. These places are really amazing if you are planning to fly to Rome. Book your tickets on HolaFares and avail cheap tickets to Rome Italy quickly. 

  1. Piazza Navona

Piazza Navona is a wonderful tourist attraction in Rome. This place was built by Domitian in 1st century AD. Piazza is one of the most famous Baroque Squares in the city. During the middle ages, this place was used for festivals and horse racings. Moreover, this monument also hosted numerous theatrical events and ephemeral activities. When the festivals were suppressed in 1866, the monument was flooded in august weekends in elaborate celebrations of the Pamphilj family. The Christmas functions are also organized in Piazza Navona in this modern era. 

  1. Borghese Gallery and Gardens

Borghese Gallery is an art gallery in Rome and this building is further integrated into gardens. There are various collections paintings, sculptures, and antiquity that are present here. There are two museums in the Borghese garden. There are 20 rooms across 2 floors in the Borghese building. 

The Borghese garden is one of the largest parks in the city. It has a landscape garden along with paths and ponds. You can rent boats or you can rent bikes to explore the park. Children can enjoy different rides, can play in the playground and can also visit the zoo that is situated in Borghese gardens. This place is historical as well as amusing for people visiting it.

  1. Palatine hill

When it comes to the Seven Hills of Rome then the Palatine hill is one of the most centermost hills. This hill is from ancient times and also known as the Nucleus of the Roman Empire. This place is also called green heaven. There are a large number of flowers and trees across the hill. This place is quite peaceful even during the duration of its tourist season.  One can easily get to this place by public transport. There are so many buses available; moreover, it is at the short distance from the metro station of Colosseo. Trip to this place is really pleasurable. 

International Airport in Rome

Leonardo Da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport - FCO

Also known as Rome-Fiumicino International Airport is the major airport in Italy and also one of the busiest airports in Europe. This airport is the base for Alitalia which is the largest Italian airline. You can travel to this airport if you are planning to book plane tickets to Rome Italy as it is an international airport and provides convenient transportation to every corner of the city.

Ground transportation from Rome-Fiumicino Airport

Rome-Fiumicino International Airport serves various train facilities such as Leonardo Express train available at the airport terminal that takes 30 minutes to get to a termini station. This railway services provide both non-stop and several stop trains. Moreover, this airport also provides conveniences such as taxis and buses from the airport to all parts of the city.

Flight booking To Rome with HolaFares

If you are planning to visit Rome on vacations and looking for maximum flexibility in ticket booking then you should book a flight with us, here you can get heavy discounts. Holafares deals with the best discounts for one way as well as for round trips. This is a place where you can explore ancient sites, palaces and museums with affordable tickets. Holafares assures you a happy and memorable journey.

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