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Narita, Tokyo

Narita is a famous tourist attraction place located in japan. It is a beautiful city where you can enjoy shopping, visit museums, temples and look at various other natural beauty. This city is famous for serving the main international airport in Tokyo. The city is located at an equal distance from the Pacific Ocean and Tokyo bay, so there are a number of small rivers around this city. Narita was the political and commercial center for the region.

When you land in Narita, you will surely have plenty of things to do in the city. This city offers a lot of tourist attractions that you can visit by booking flights to Narita. If you want to book cheap flights to Narita, then just sign up with Holafares. This platform will provide you heavy discounts on your plane tickets to Narita Tokyo.  

Reasons to visit the amazing places of Narita City

Narita is a part of Tokyo and it offers a lot of important things to see. The things that you can explore here are Shinsho-Ji temple, Sakura-no-Yama Park and museum of aeronautical science. Narita is the most loved place in Japan where people love to spend their vacations. So pack your bags & book flights to Narita and feel amazed. Here is the list of most attractive and famous tourist attractions of Narita:

  1. AEON Mall Narita

The AEON mall is located 5 kilometres away from the Narita Airport and it hardly takes 10 minutes via direct bus to reach here. AEON mall has a number of stores that deal with the daily used items as well as there are a number of cafes, restaurants, souvenir shops, books and magazines, and some other clothing stores available there. This mall offers a number of food courts where you can enjoy Japan's famous food like kaizen sushi and tempura. There are a number of Chinese and Italian food corners where you can enjoy different food items.

Despite different food courts, there are some services for relaxation such as beauty salons and various massage centres. There are floor maps and event information lists in international language at various spots to help out the overseas tourists. At the information desk of the AEON Mall, they distribute the tourist pamphlets to the travellers who are heading towards the city so that they already have some information about the city. 

  1. Narita-san-shinsho-Ji Temple

Narita-san-shinsho-Ji temple is the famous tourist site of the city. It is a Buddhist temple that is situated in the centre of the city. This temple was founded in 940 by Kancho Daisojo and it is one of the best-known temples of the city. The reason for its popularity is that it is very close to Narita International Airport. The temple is easily accessible to the tourists from overseas who are landing at the Narita Airport.

Narita-san-shinsho-Ji temple houses a large building complex and grounds. The temple is basically associated with the fire rituals. At this temple, you can experience shaky, which is the work of hand-copying sutras. People pray in this temple to recover from troubles and to fulfil their wishes. Large crowds of Japan and overseas attend various annual events of Narita-san. People come here to see Ume in early springs. It is also a place to relax and to have peace of mind.

  1. Sawara

Sawara is a small town situated on the north side of Narita city. This locality is almost 15 kilometres away from the airport. The town is easily accessible by train from Tokyo as well as from Narita. This is a waterfront town and it is surrounded by various rivers. Sawara is a place that overflows with the Japanese spirit with a number of movie scenes held over there. Swara also lines the street of old merchant houses along the highway. Despite this when it comes to historical scenery it is an important district that has preserved a group of traditional buildings. 

There is a 'whole town museum' in Swara that houses almost 42 shops displaying the traditional tools, tastes and techniques, collections, treasures and the lifestyles of all the families to attract the visitors. Moreover, there is a Swara grand festival that occurs twice a year that is in the month of July, known as the summer festival and in the month of October known as the autumn festival. The spiritual melody played by Japanese orchestra is handled by a great musical band of Swara, known as Swara Bayashi. So do visit here if you plan to fly to Narita.

  1. Yamato-no-yu

Yamato no yu is a modern public bathhouse situated not far from the Narita airport and San temple. It is an amusing tourist attraction with an open-air museum. You can view a rural landscape from here. This place offers outdoor as well as indoor pools. Moreover, there are some private baths that require a same-day reservation. These baths are the hub of full relaxation that also include radiant baths that house tiled beds to warm the body. 

It is an effective bath that helps to recover you from various skin diseases and joint pains. It also helps to circulate the blood with high speed that further results in the fast warm-up of the body. Despite the baths, this place is such a pleasant place where you can enjoy relaxation, Japanese food mainly sushi, a fitness gym and the spa. Children under the age of 6 are not allowed to enter Yamato-no-yu. Moreover, smoking is not allowed anywhere in this place. 

  1. Naritasan Park

Naritasan Park is a garden that is located in a hilly area behind the Shinsho-Ji Temple. It is an area with a western-style garden, ponds and a waterfall.  This area is basically a resting area for the visitors or travellers who are voyaging to Narita. In Naritasan park there is a museum that delivers information about the past to the present day. There is a buried earthen jar near the museum which is the main highlight of this garden. The water flows from hollow rock beds and drips into a jar and produces vibrant water music in all directions.

This park was established in 1928 and trees of the park lived for more than 80 years that were grown at the time of establishment. There are so many reasons and events that are celebrated in this garden. Near about 10,000 visitors visit the place during the celebration of autumn colours festival. Moreover, tea ceremonies are held in the park and musical performances are also held at the pond that really gives peace to mind. So it is a place that one must not miss to visit while travelling to Narita. So if you are desperate to have a getaway then sign up to Holafares and book cheap tickets to Narita. 

  1. Museum of aeronautical sciences

The Museum of Aeronautical Science was opened in the year 1989. It is located at the end of one of the runways of Narita airport and it is an aviation museum. There are a number of real aircraft on display like smaller, bigger, helicopters etc here. You can go through the different experiences of aeroplanes in this museum. You can also experience a lot of things here like operations of the plane, a training simulator, sound and boarding experience of the plane. You can also try to operate the plane in front of your eyes. 

The third floor of the museum has an outdoor deck for outdoor observation. While on the fourth floor there is a restaurant and on the fifth floor of the central building, there is an observation room that looks like a control room for the flights. You can visit this place anytime when you are travelling via this airport or you have a long layover. Book your flights to Narita Japan and visit this place that gives you a new experience. 

NARITA � The international Airport

The Narita international airport is also called Tokyo Narita airport. This airport is situated approximately 60 kilometers from central Tokyo. The airport serves a Greater part of the Tokyo Area and this airport is serving 60 percent of the passenger traffic and the 50 percent of cargo traffic of the country and hence this makes it the second busiest airport in Japan. Narita Airport is the base for several airlines of japan like Japan Airlines, All Nippon Airways, and Nippon Cargo Airlines. This International Airport has three terminals which have the best mode of transportation available that helps to reach each and every part of the city. Terminal 2 has a duty free mall known as 'Narita 5th Avenue' and that is the largest duty-free mall in japan. 

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