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Know More About Mexico

Mexico is the city that is famous for its natural beauty, its culture, and its delicious food. You can travel to Mexico for a vacation and enjoy the relaxed environment of the city. There are some historical sites of Mexico City that are designated as world heritage sites. This city has several various visiting spots that are popular for tourism. The people visiting this place can enjoy various stunning sceneries, traditional beaches, and endless sunshine.

This country is rich in flora and fauna and there are different areas from deserts to rainforests that are spread all over the country. One must add this place to their itinerary if they are passionate about traveling. This place is easily accessible. You just have to book a flight and to book cheap flights to Mexico you can make your reservations with us. Some of the famous places that one must visit if traveling to Mexico are as follows:

List of popular places to visit in Mexico

  • Cancun and Mayan Riviera

Canun is the city famous for its beaches and resorts. People love to explore this city at night as it is so popular for its nightlife. Apart from the restaurants and the clubs, there is a traditional city center called El Centro. The other place is Mayan Riviera that is famous for watersports. The visitors coming to this place can enjoy a lot of aquatic activities such as swimming, jet-skiing, snorkeling, and scuba diving. The beaches of the town have crystal clear water. You can reach this place by easily booking flights to Cancun. This place is about 20 kilometers from the Cancun airport. This is the place where people love to do recreational activities for relaxation. It's a must-visit place and should add it to your itinerary if visiting Mexico. Now if you are looking to book cheap airline tickets to Mexico then do your reservations with Holafares.

  • Acapulco

It is a place that is on the pacific coast and is popular for the beaches and the resorts. The area is surrounded by the mountains that really look amazing.  The town looks like a bay that houses residents and resorts. It is a popular place that gives a wonderful scenic view of the mountain area. You can visit this place if you are interested in mountain hopping and if you are a beach lover. One can enjoy the nightlife of the place and also relax in the sun near the beaches. Also if you want something different, you can also dive to the small cliffs that are at a distance of 40 meters above the Acapulco. 

  • Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas is a place that is located at the southern end of California. This place was a fishing village in ancient times but now it has transformed into a party destination that is a popular resort city. This city has a number of gorgeous beaches. The main beach of this place is the playa EI Medano. This beach is a sandy beach lined with a number of bars and restaurants where the visitors can have fun away from the hustle of their daily routines. If you want to visit the place just checkout with the official websites of airlines to go through the discounts and offers that the airlines are providing.

  • Heritage center of Mexico city

The Heritage center of Mexico City consists of a number of historic buildings that were established between the 16th and the 20th century. It is a place where visitors can explore the history of Mexico City. The center is a major attraction of historical buildings present within walking distance. These buildings have world-class museums, art galleries and some other major attractions that give information about the sculptures and paintings. This Heritage Center is designated as a world heritage site by UNESCO. The center is around in the area of the 15-kilometer square and also this Heritage site has the buildings around 1400.  This is the best place where you can not only explore the history of Mexico but also you can know much more about their culture and the traditions followed by the people over the years and also you can explore the old architecture of the city.

  • Cozumel: Island life

It is a pretty place that is located at a distance of 20 kilometers from the peninsula. It is a perfect Mexican gateway. This island is a very well known tourist attraction that is visited by a number of tourists every year. It is a wonderful place where people can enjoy diving and activities. The island has crystal clear water, away from that there are some other tourist attractions such as the island museum with fantastic displays.

Moreover, you can enjoy diving around man-made landmarks, sculptures and bronze figures. Moreover, people can enjoy shopping and dining over here. The most interesting tourist attraction in Cozumel is the national marine park which is a home for both the trees and animals. The activities you can enjoy here are sea lion show, crocodile exhibition, etc. So what are you waiting for just book plane tickets to Mexico and reach here to enjoy every bit of it.

  • The palace of fine arts

The palace of fine arts is the major landmark of the city. Completed in 1934 this is a marble building. This building serves as the concert hall and the opera house. The palace of fine arts hosts a large number of cultural and traditional concerts which coordinates the number of dance performances. The visitors watching the performances here can also come to know about the interior decoration of the theatre inside the palace. 

When to visit Mexico city?

Mexico is a large city where you can experience different weather conditions that vary by different regions of the city. The best time to have a trip to Mexico is from December to April. In these months there are no rains in Mexico. So one can enjoy their trip without any hustles. The temperature in Mexico is very low in the months between December starting and the end of February. These months are not recommended if you are ready to take cheap flights to Mexico. Between May to October Mexico experience wet season.

Public transport to get around Mexico

There are several types of public transport in Mexico city that make it easy for visitors to get around the city. This transport includes bicycles, buses, metros, and trains, etc.

Bicycle share program

Bicycles are the best way to roam around the city and it is the type of transportation that is preferred when your tourist attractions are in nearby locations or the destinations are in narrow lanes. There are so many apps to share bicycles and scooters to roam around the city.

Metro to roam around the city

Metro is an easy and comfortable mode of transportation which helps you to reach every corner of the city. Mexico has a large extended network of metro lines that are connected to every corner of the city. The metro has 195 stations and the track is approximately 230 kilometers. The metro of Mexico city has an extension of 14 lines. Moreover, this transportation is the cheapest way of transportation if you have tourist attractions that are far away from each other.

Use of taxis to roam around the city

Mexico city has taxi services that have different classes of taxis. The fares of the taxis are computed by the meters that are located on the taxis. The cost of the distance is generally 9 Mexico dollars per kilometers. If the passenger wants to visit zocalo to zona rosa then your charges will be between M30 dollars to M40 dollars. But if the passenger is traveling between 11 pm and 6 am then the passenger has to pay 20% extra. There is another kind of taxis known as radio taxis that cost more but are much safer as there are internet services and other smart services in those taxis. It is recommended for your own safety to not take any food items from the taxi driver.

Get around the city with local buses and minibusses

Visiting this destination by public city buses is also pleased with the help of which you can also view the sight scene that you can not visit by the metro. These buses are of different colors. The buses cost fares M5 dollars up to 5 kilometers and also add 20% charges when running at midnight. The city buses run from 5 in the morning to midnight. There are so many routes that these busses cover and the busses can take the passengers from the airport coming by taking cheap flights to Mexico City and drop them at different destinations.

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