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Dec-15-2022 Dec-22-2022

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About Guadalajara

The second-largest and one of the best cities in Mexico is 'Guadalajara'. It is majorly known for its rich history, architecture, century's old buildings, Tequila and Mariachi. Guadalajara is the city that has very elegantly managed to keep its heritage coexisting with its modern transformations. So if you are planning to get your hands on the cheapest flight tickets to Guadalajara, then check out all the flights available at HolaFares. You will surely get some amazing discounts on flight tickets and reservations.

Also, check out some amazing and famous tourist spots to get the best experience out of your trip to Guadalajara. Visiting any new city for vacations can be critical in deciding the best places to visit, the best time and places to stay. With HolaFares you can easily find all the answers, the reservation team will help you with all traveling and staying related issues in Guadalajara. Moreover, you can avail of some amazing discounted airline tickets and deals on flight reservations.

Best Time to visit Guadalajara

Choosing the right time to visit the city can help you save a lot of expenses and trouble. Make sure to choose the right time before booking flight tickets to Guadalajara. Also, there are some tricks that can help you make a totally under-budget trip to Guadalajara, here are some tips before you book flights to Guadalajara:

  1. It is best to book flights to Guadalajara a month or so before you are planning your trip a few months can help you save some money and end-time troubles. Also, the flight tickets are much cheaper if you book the airline tickets 2-3 months prior.

  2. Another trick to save some bucks on your flights to Guadalajara is if you make the reservations in the off-season. Since the tourist crowd is less at this time and you can easily cut down the expenses on airfares and hotel room rents.

Here is the best time to visit the city:

If you are looking for the best time to visit Guadalajara, then you should make your flight bookings for the months of October and December, as the weather is comparatively dry, the temperature is pleasant and during this time of the year, there are so many festivals.

Another great slot to visit Guadalajara is from January and May, as the hotel rates are very low and the temperature is also quite ok to travel. A lot of tourists visit the city during this time to save some money as the prices of hotel and flight tickets to Guadalajara is low

During the months of June to September, the temperature is very high and Guadalajara faces heavy rainfall. This time has been noted as the 'Low Season' for tourism in the city. So if you are ok with the pouring rain and warm weather then it is the best time for you to visit Guadalajara. During these months the prices are extremely low and you can very easily find cheap flights to Guadalajara.

Places to Visit in Guadalajara

Guadalajara Cathedral

Start your day with one of the most spectacular and old buildings in Guadalajara. Guadalajara Cathedral or also known as Plaza De Armas is a beautiful cathedral, which was built from 1558 to 1616. This is the perfect combination of various different styles and Gothic art and the interior of this cathedral is breath-taking.

The main attraction of the building is paintings of famous artists like Cristobal De Villalpando, Murillo and many more. So if you are in the city, visit this cathedral and enjoy some classic paintings, artwork, and architecture.

  1. The Government Palace

Near Guadalajara Cathedral, stands this magnificent Government Palace also known as Palacio de Gobierno. This Gothic-styled building looks so breath-taking that you would not want to skip walking through ornamented columns. This amazing building depicts the story of the Mexican War, and many murals have been painted by some famous fresco-painter Jose Clemente Orozco.

If you are visiting the city, this place is worth a visit, get your cheap flight tickets to Guadalajara booked and land to the most beautiful city in Mexico.

  1. Templo Expiatorio del Santisimo Sacramento

As much hard it is to pronounce this place the more beauty it holds. This place is also called as Expiatory Temple which surely worth a visit. This is one of the most beautiful and finest temples in the city, as it is constructed in the neo-Gothic style of architecture. The main eye-catching thing about this temple is its decorated, carved walls and doors. The main highlight of this temple includes mosaics from Italy, a very unique German Clock, and an exquisite Carillon that is decorated with 12 Apostles. On the whole, this place is one of the most beautiful landmarks in Guadalajara, which will surely mesmerize you with all the art-work.

Just grab your passports and book the plane tickets to Guadalajara with HolaFares and get some amazing discounts on flight tickets and reservations. Whether you are looking for a one-way or round trip to Guadalajara, here you will find the best options to choose from; moreover, you can also compare various airfares depending on your budget and needs. So do not delay your most awaited trip any longer, and grab the best available ticket to Guadalajara right away.

  1. Instituto Cultural de Cabanas

One of the most important World Heritage in Guadalajara is Instituto Cultural de Cabanas. This building used to be a hospital and an orphanage, back in the 19th Century. Now, this landmark has been converted as Cabanas Cultural Institute and Cultural Heritage of Human.

The building is magnificently designed with eye-catching architecture and the main attraction is the fresco paintings by Jose Clemente Orozco. If you are associated with or have an interest in art then you would know that the murals and painting are so extravagant

  1. Guadalajara Zoo

If you have a thing for animals and want to spend some time with the mother-nature, then you must visit Guadalajara Zoo. This is one of the most systematic and well-designed zoos in Latin America. You will surely find some of the rare species and like white lions, Bengal Tigers, Black Panthers, Orangutans, Gorillas, and some Mexican wolves.

There you will also find a reptile house which is full of snakes, lizards, etc. and also there is a house of birds that has the number of tropical birds and songbirds which is another major attraction of this zoo. If you are traveling with kids, then go for Safari Masai Mara, which is a super thrilling and fun experience for everyone.

This trip is going to be your one of the most unforgettable and fun experience for a lifetime, so do not wait too long for planning. Just grab your laptop and book the cheap flight tickets to Guadalajara now.

  1. Parque Agua Azul and Bosque Colomos

Another very fascinating and fun picnic spot in Guadalajara is Parque Agua Azul. It is a very beautiful park spread in 168000 square meters. This place is popularly known for extravagant landscapes, trees, wonderful sculptures and much more. This escape to heaven like the place will surely refresh you with a boost of energy and positivity. Spend some time with beautiful butterflies, a variety of birds and flowers. This peaceful place is very popular among locals and tourists, if you are in Guadalajara, this place should be in the 'must-visit' list.

Adjoining to this place lies Casa de las Artesanias, and art exhibition where you can buy the things you like, then there is the Museum of Paleontology, open-theater, and a beautiful flower market. This experience is so beautiful that you will be mesmerized by the beauty of Guadalajara. So hurry and book cheap tickets to Guadalajara with HolaFares, and avail some amazing discounts.

  1. Churches of Santa Monica and San Agustin

Guadalajara is mostly known for its splendid historical architecture and old churches. One such church is Churches of Santa Monica and San Agustin. This 17th-century church is one of the most beautiful and prettiest churches. You will find some amazing Baroque, beautiful cobs, angels, eagle, and other religious symbols, this attracts a number of eyes and never fails to spellbind the visitors. The amazing art and design of these churches flourish the architecture from the 16th century, and also the interior is splendid that will let you have an amazing time.

Simply book your plane tickets to Guadalajara and get the best deals and discounts on airline reservations.

Major Airport in Guadalajara

The one major and one International airport in Guadalajara is Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla Guadalajara International Airport, in short, Guadalajara International Airport, GDL. This airport is the second-largest airport in Mexico and also the busiest airport. It is being a hub for Aeromexico airlines and Volaris Airlines. So if you are planning your trip to Guadalajara, this is the international airport you have to reach.

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